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  • Alvis STALWART

    Alvis STALWART

    Toys - Games - Hobbies Glasgow (Scotland) April 9, 2018 116.00 Pound £

    The Alvis Stalwart is a true legend among all terrain vehicle enthusiasts. This unique 6x6 swimming vehicle was designed as a high capacity 5 Ton High Mobility Load Carrier (HMLC), and saw extensive service over several decades in all theatres of ope...

  • ABBOT 105mm S.P.

    ABBOT 105mm S.P.

    Toys - Games - Hobbies Glasgow (Scotland) April 9, 2018 84.50 Pound £

    The FV433 ABBOT was the mainstay of the Royal Artillery (Field Artillery) for many years, and is based on the British FV432 series of vehicles, sharing the Rolls-Royce K60 Engine. This 17 ton vehicle was armed with the Royal Ordnance 105mm gun. This ...